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Xirrus Wireless Arrays

Love your venue but nervous about their WiFi network? Prevent WiFi failure at your next event by renting the world’s most advanced wireless access point — a Xirrus Wireless Array.

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How Does It Work?

Xirrus Wireless Arrays are specifically designed for high-density environments and can support thousands of simultaneous WiFi users running mission-critical applications. As a Xirrus Certified Partner, every Xirrus array rental comes with our Xirrus-certified professional network engineering team. Xirrus rentals are provided as part of our CONNECT service which includes on-site network setup, monitoring, support, and tear-down.

Xirrus makes the only wireless access point on the market with up to 16 dual-band radios to support the maximum number of people connecting in a given space. The unique 360-degree orientation of the array provides unparalleled signal coverage and wireless performance in any indoor or outdoor environment. Once you have an enterprise-class Xirrus WiFi experience, you’ll never go back to running your event’s WiFi network on Cisco, Aruba, or Netgear. In the highly competitive world of wireless network engineering, Xirrus is the undisputed champion.

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