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World Class Wired and Wireless Networks for Your Corporate Event

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Internet solutions for corporate events and sales training of all shapes and sizes

Our Commitment as Your ISP: To Deliver World-Class Internet Connectivity for You and Your Attendees

In this day and age, Internet accessibility is a necessity at corporate events. Far from being a luxury, Internet is a basic need, expected to be available and working perfectly for the duration of the event. Despite the common availability of WiFi and wired Internet, installing and managing the infrastructure is far from easy. Sales trainings and corporate events rely on uninterrupted WiFi Internet service that should only be provided by a company specializing in event Internet services with a highly skilled team of network engineers using state of the art equipment.

At Trade Show Internet, we leverage our years of experience in the industry, an excellent network engineering team, and the latest IT and WiFi equipment to provide dependable Internet for your corporate event or sales training. Furthermore, we will provide a service level guarantee in contract to underscore our commitment to providing the best available WiFi Internet service for all trainings, sales meetings and corporate events. If making sure that your corporate event or sales training attendees have a reliable Internet connection is your top concern, then you've found the right corporate event service vendor. Welcome to CONNECT by Trade Show Internet.

Regardless of whether you have a small sales training or a large corporate event, while working with Trade Show Internet, your project manager will serve as a single point of contact to facilitate every part of the process from on-site network design and deployment to leasing bandwidth and renting hardware. We take responsibility for every part of the network at your sales training or corporate event so you can focus on the myriad other challenges that come with organizing an event.

Our CONNECT service is designed to provide temporary Internet access specifically for sales trainings, corporate events and company meetings indoors and outdoors, practically anywhere in the world. We offer any type of Internet access you might need for your corporate sales training - temporary Internet bandwidth, wired Ethernet drops or WiFi.


  • We will take responsibility for every part of your network, providing a single point of contact and detailing of all wired and wireless network services on one invoice
  • An internet service for your event that includes everything from complete on-site network design, deployment, and management to renting hardware and leasing bandwidth
  • Allows you to create a high speed temporary internet access at any venue, indoor or outdoor, nearly anywhere in the world
  • Attendee productivity is your top concern and your event is too important to risk network failure

Trade Show Internet has been offering WiFi at events since 2008, with customers including Google, Facebook, Github, Nike, MTV, Samsung, Electronic Arts, Disney, Nintendo, Nissan, Toyota and many more. Whether you are looking for temporary internet bandwidth, WiFi connectivity, wired Ethernet drops, or a dedicated on-site network engineering team during a conference, special event or a trade show - Our event WiFi installers can handle all your event internet connectivity needs.

Temporary Bandwidth Service

Your bandwidth circuit is the pipe carrying your event's network traffic to and from the Internet. Ensuring the right amount of dedicated bandwidth is essential to a fast wired or wireless network.

Network Design & Deployment

Our network engineering team will come on-site to deploy a complete WiFi network using our enterprise-grade networking equipment designed specifically for high density environments.

On-Site Support & Reporting

We set up a Network Operations Center (NOC) at your event where our engineers monitor your network in real-time, making adjustments to keep things running smoothly.



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